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DuPage is one of only three counties in Illinois serving as part of the Illinois Technology and Research Corridor. There are 17 laboratories owned by the Department of Energy, and Illinois is the only state lucky enough to have two of the most prominent scientific laboratories in the world – Argonne and Fermilab. Whether you are planning a group tour, family getaway, or would like to explore our scientific community on your own – check out the many programs and visitor tours available at our highly regarded scientific landmarks, colleges and universities.

Argonne National Laboratory: Legendary Sciences in DuPage
Argonne National Laboratory: Legendary Sciences in DuPage

Argonne National Laboratory was born from a famous University of Chicago scientific moment. While conducting research for the Manhattan Project during World War II, Enrico Fermi and his team solidified their place in history when they engineered the first nuclear chain reaction....

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Wellness through Science

For those of us not in the scientific world, the most we know about particle physics is what we learned from watching the popular show, “The Big Bang Theory.” Yet, applications of particle physics are all around us, from the ink on cereal boxes, to the silicon chip that runs your smartphone, and even the treatment of cancer. ...

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Argonne National Laboratory

Site of the Advanced Photon Source X-ray project and one of the country's premier facilities for energy-related research and development. Visitors mus...More!

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

Where high-tech touches the earth, Fermilab advances the understanding of the fundamental nature of matter and energy, while offering visitors 6,800 a...More!

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